Technology and Maker Exploration

After taking time to explore the technologies that will be featured in the Summer Institute technology exploration session I am equipped with new knowledge and many questions.  I cannot wait to see how these technologies work. Ozobots are quite interesting and students could use them in the library to learn and create their own code…

Summer Institute Day 2

Walk confidently into your library and do what you have been trained to do. #Dr.GailDickinson #oduopenspaces

Summer Institute Day 2

Go to your library, turn the lights on and make some nutrolls. #Dr.GailDickinson #oduopenspaces       References Davis, J. (2017). Summer Institute Keynote presentation [photograph]. Norfolk, VA. CC-BY-NC.

Summer Institute Day One

Shifting Pedagogies.  Its an evolution, not a revolution.  #Dr.HelenCrompton #oduopenspaces

Summer Institute Day One

Think about how you can push teachers to use technology better. Be Changemakers.  #Dr.HelenCrompton #oduopenspaces

Launching a Digital Collection Concurrent Session

‪Do not assume that teachers and students know how to use all technology. Training is key! #Elaine Marrion #oduopenspaces ‬     References Davis, J. (2017). Launching a digital collection presentation [photograph]. Norfolk, VA. CC-BY-NC.    

QR codes and layered reality

These days I pretty much see QR codes just about everywhere, however I seldom use them.  A QR code is a two-dimensional code that links to either a website, sends a text message or links to an email.  To access the linked info to the QR code a smart phone or tablet is required.  From my…