Summer Institute Day 2

Walk confidently into your library and do what you have been trained to do. #Dr.GailDickinson #oduopenspaces

Summer Institute Day 2

Go to your library, turn the lights on and make some nutrolls. #Dr.GailDickinson #oduopenspaces       References Davis, J. (2017). Summer Institute Keynote presentation [photograph]. Norfolk, VA. CC-BY-NC.

Summer Institute Day One

Shifting Pedagogies.  Its an evolution, not a revolution.  #Dr.HelenCrompton #oduopenspaces

Summer Institute Day One

Think about how you can push teachers to use technology better. Be Changemakers.  #Dr.HelenCrompton #oduopenspaces

Launching a Digital Collection Concurrent Session

‪Do not assume that teachers and students know how to use all technology. Training is key! #Elaine Marrion #oduopenspaces ‬     References Davis, J. (2017). Launching a digital collection presentation [photograph]. Norfolk, VA. CC-BY-NC.    

QR codes and layered reality

These days I pretty much see QR codes just about everywhere, however I seldom use them.  A QR code is a two-dimensional code that links to either a website, sends a text message or links to an email.  To access the linked info to the QR code a smart phone or tablet is required.  From my…

3-D Printing, Paper Circuitry, and using Coding in the School Library

As I viewed Dr. Kimmel’s lecture on 3D-printing, my sister asked, “What does that have to do with books in a library?” I explained that the library is not just about books, its about learning, it’s about computational thinking and, it’s about real-world applications.  Having a 3D printer in a library opens students’ eyes to endless…

School Library Website Inspirations

I found three websites that I really liked the design of, and they’ve inspired me for my design choices in the development of my website. I opted for an all white background for my website because I want to “restrain, reduce, and emphasize” (Reynolds, 2014, p. 152).  I hope to achieve simplicity in the design…

Some alternatives to PowerPoint

This week I got to familiarize myself with tools similar to PowerPoint.  The three web applications that I explored were Haiku Deck, Blendspace, Emaze and Prezi.  Blendspace was the first place I went.  I initially thought I was in the wrong location because the link redirected me to Tes Teach.  After making sure I was…

My adventure with Adobe Spark

This week I ventured over to the Adobe spark website to try my hand at creating my own video. I noticed that they had a phrase that says “Adobe Spark(les)” I thought it was a cute play on words. I agree that it does sparkle! Adobe Spark is a free web based tool that is…